About Us

Welcome to Boho Girl: Where Artistry Meets Fashion

Boho Girl is your gateway to the enchanting world of boho-inspired clothing and fashion accessories. Our collection is more than just clothing; it's a testament to the power of artistry and passion.

Crafted with Love by Master Artisans

Our artisans are the lifeblood of Boho Girl, infusing each creation with love and intricate craftsmanship. These skilled artisans bring to life beautiful hand embroideries and patterns, turning every piece into a work of art.

Painted with Nature's Palette

We believe in fashion with a conscience. Our prints are not just eye-catching; they are handcrafted stories, brought to life with organic dyes. Sustainability is woven into every fiber of our brand.

A Fusion of Cultures, A Celebration of Style

At Boho Girl, we celebrate the rich tapestry of Indian crafts and seamlessly blend them with Western styles. The result is a collection that transcends borders, a fusion of cultures that turns heads and makes statements.

Sustainable Fashion, Redefined

Our commitment to the planet is unwavering. We source our fabrics from organic and recycled materials, proving that style and sustainability are perfect companions. Your fashion choices matter, and we're here to make them count.

Unleash Your Unique Style

Every piece in our collection is a masterpiece, exclusively designed by our team of fashion visionaries. Our styles are not just clothing; they're your canvas for self-expression.

Boho Girl: A Jewel in BagMaker's Fashion Legacy

Boho Girl is the cherished in-house brand of BagMaker, an illustrious name in the fashion industry since 1992. Every product you find at Boho Girl is a testament to our enduring commitment to quality and style, all designed and crafted in-house.

Step into the world of Boho Girl and let your fashion choices tell your unique story. With us, you're not just wearing clothing; you're wearing art, passion, and a brighter, more sustainable future. 🌟🌼

Our Inspiration

At Boho Girl, our inspiration transcends borders, weaving the rich tapestry of global Bohemian style with the timeless roots of Indian heritage. We draw our creative energy from the spirited global wanderer, one who cherishes the interconnectedness of all things, celebrates diverse cultures, and wears their identity with pride.

Our inspiration is a driving force, compelling us to craft exquisite, protective Boho clothing that's not just unique and comfortable but profoundly beautiful. Our designers draw from ancient art forms across the globe, infusing traditional motifs, embellishments, and embroidery into our garments, resulting in breathtaking, harmonious creations. We revel in the fusion of Bohemian aesthetics with traditional motifs and Western silhouettes.

Our brand is nurtured by an Indian-born designer who, over the years, has cultivated the Boho Girl ideology by melding global designs with India's rich heritage. This dynamic fusion has yielded astonishing results, blending contemporary Western fashion trends with the inherent bohemian spirit of Indian tribal art forms. The hallmark of Boho Girl lies in its distinct design elements, echoing across our entire collection. We are a family company, born out of pure love and an unwavering desire to share the world's beauty through handcrafted Bohemian clothing.